A King Arthur WebQuest

Enter only if ye be scholars of valor...ye be warned!

Welcome, doughty knights, gracious ladies, and pious pilgrims! You have received a challenge to a quest, to pursue the truth of King Arthur and the legend that has permeated our culture through the centuries. Through this WebQuest you will investigate questions about the origins of the King Arthur myth, and the writers that made it happen. Just click on the links provided, browse around on the website, and answer the questions in a word document to be submitted at the end of the project. Now, come to Camelot to begin this perilous quest, in which you will complete a series of tasks.

Task the First: The Origins of King Arthur- was he real?

In your word document, answer these questions:
1) When did the historical King Arthur figure live?
2) Write a few sentences comparing the Welsh King Arthur and Geoffrey of Monmouth's King Arthur. Were they the same person?

On this site, choose 3 questions to investigate. In your word document, please record:
1) What is the answer according to history?
2) What is the answer according to Arthurian Legend?
3) Why do you think the recorder of the legend chose to portray this aspect of Arthur's life differently? Take a guess.

Task the Second: The Knights of the Round Table

1) Read the charge given to the knights by Arthur. What kinds of qualities does Arthur and his court value?
2) Click on some of the icons for the knights of the round table at the top of the page. Choose one that appeals to you most. Why do you find him interesting? What makes him a good knight of the round table?

Task the Third: Symbolism in King Arthur Legend

On this site (The Camelot Project) scroll down to where you see the section on symbols and motifs in Arthurian Legend. Choose EITHER the Holy Grail or the Sword in the Stone/Excalibur. On your word document, write a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) summarizing the significance of this particular symbol in Arthurian legend.
THINGS TO THINK ABOUT: Who has used this symbol in writing about King Arthur? Why do you think he chose to use this symbol?

The Final Task: King Arthur in Literature

The following are some writers who, throughout the ages, have contributed significantly to the body of literature based on the King Arthur legend. Their stories have done a lot to shape how we think about King Arthur today! Choose ONE of the following to explore in-depth. In your word document, write a paragraph about the writer that addresses these questions:
1) Who was the writer? In what time period did he live?
2) What is his main literary work that uses the King Arthur Legend?
3) How does he portray King Arthur and his court in his writing? (give examples)
4) Why do you think that this writer chose to portray King Arthur and his court in this way?

Geoffrey of Monmouth:

Sir Thomas Malory:

Alfred, Lord Tennyson:
His life: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred%2C_Lord_Tennyson
Poem #1: http://classiclit.about.com/library/bl-etexts/atennyson/bl-aten-morte.htm
Poem #2: http://www.pathguy.com/shalott.htm

T.H. White:
http://www2.netdoor.com/~moulder/thwhite/ (the links your looking for for his works are "The Sword in the Stone" and "The Once and Future King"

Mark Twain:

Congratulations! You have completed your Quest with valor, bravery, and wisdom. Be prepared to share what you've learned in a class discussion!
1) How does symbolism work in a piece of literature?
2) How do different writers use a timeless legend like King Arthur in a way that is relevant to their own time period?
3) Why is King Arthur such an important and popular figure even today? What is it about King Arthur that has kept its appeal from the middle ages til today?

(what's a King Arthur project without a little Monty Python?)